Success beyond numbers

Success beyond numbers

Our aim is to have a positive economic, social, environmental and cultural impact in the long run. We understand that, to do so, our role as a business needs to evolve and that we have a key role to play in creating prosperity for our communities.

Our approach

Our approach

As Mauritius’ longest standing financial institution, our aim is to help people and communities thrive today, and tomorrow. Our corporate sustainability framework, Success beyond numbers, is built around investing in three pillars:

The local economy

Our environmental and cultural heritage

Individual and collective well being

Supporting communities

We believe that by creating value and returning it to our communities, we will be creating prosperity and helping to shape a future that would be fair and sustainable.

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Supporting the climate

We have asked ourselves how we could reconcile the fight against climate change and local economic development. As a first step, we have sponsored the “Klima Neutral 2050” study.

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Supporting the local economy

We believe in finding ways to stimulate new forms of local entrepreneurship and industries. We believe in transforming Mauritius and “Lokal is beautiful”.

How we can transform our local economy

Supporting the environment

We have partnered with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to protect our unique yet fragile biodiversity. Over and above an annual donation amounting to Rs 5 million, we have also launched Your Card for Change to bring onboard our customers.

How our customers also protect the environment

Supporting our cultural heritage

Prosperity is also about cultural wealth. It is therefore our duty to preserve our heritage and leave it as legacy to future generations.

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Our Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report

Find out more about our sustainability initiatives and performance in our 2019 report.


This year’s edition will be issued soon.

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Our convictions

Our convictions

Now is the time to redefine the way we measure success.

Our global pledges

Principles of Responsible Banking
MCB is a founding signatory of the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Banking. MCB has pledged to align its banking activities with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Equator Principles

Since 15 May 2012, MCB Ltd has, adopted the Equator Principles. This framework stands as the foundation and guiding principle of the bank’s Environmental and Social Policy.

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Getting our people involved

Getting our people involved

Our Social Leave program empowers our people to take one paid leave day each year to volunteer for non-profit organisations. Be it planting, painting, cleaning, sorting, or even keeping company, no action is ever too trivial. By giving our people the opportunity to support community partners, we can help do more good, together.